Negotiating Do You Need To?

Whilst browsing the internet I came across a number of articles on negotiating and having read several began to wonder who these people were negotiating with and why were they bothering to negotiate at all. I was amazed at the language used in the articles and the suggestion that you would want to negotiate with someone you know is going to con you, stitch you up or rip you off. What does the person or organisation you distrust have that is worth the effort of negotiation, it can only be a crook or assassin you want to bump of the spouse or burn the business down for the insurance money.

Why would you want to negotiate with a business or person you know will not stick to any agreement reached and you will be forever employing lawyers to check the small print every time you order or sell to them and you know there will be a dispute over something or other and you may never or you will have to wait ages to get paid or recover your money.

There are only two reasons why you need to negotiate: You are in dispute or you want to do a deal. If you are in dispute there are a number of steps you have to take before you can begin negotiations, the first is reconciliation, the second is communication, the third is negotiation — sounds very much like being married.

The majority of us negotiate because we want to do a deal that is beneficial to all the parties involved. Negotiation is about compromise not setting up barriers that need defending, if you do not want to compromise then don’t bother negotiating, tell the other party you have no interest in doing business with them.

If you are interested in doing deals and deals is what makes your business profitable then you have to negotiate but, before you pick up the telephone to arrange a meeting make sure you are talking to the right party for this deal. Research is imperative, make sure you understand why your business needs this deal and what affect the deal will have on your business, is there another supplier/customer you could do a better deal with? Make sure you understand what you can negotiate away and what cannot be negotiated.

Once you understand why you want or need the deal go and find out everything you can about the target, ask around, check the newspapers, magazines, contacts in other businesses you know that have dealings with the target, your bank manager, is the target under money or time pressure, do they pay their bills etc. You would be surprised what little snippet of information may clinch a deal.

When negotiations begin never ever give away what you know about your target and never impart your business problems to the target. During the negotiations and if you have done your research you will hear the fear you can exploit that will clinch the deal and nine times out of ten it has nothing to do with price. It may be delivery times, stocking levels, storage, expertise, marketing, something that may be small and insignificant to you but extremely important to your target.

How do you find the fear? You ask questions and let the target talk and talk, never interrupt, never answer for the target, never show how clever you are by pre-empting, make notes and listen, do not be afraid to rephrase a question to dig further, leave a little space between the target ending their answer and you starting the next question, you never know what they might add. Next time you watch a news programme listen to the reporter, if they are any good their questions will find the answers and if they know there is a little more to come listen for the silence.

In summary make sure you know why you want to negotiating, carry out in-depth research, prepare, ask questions and don’t be afraid to say No. Never confuse Negotiation for Selling they are two different skills.

The Ardyss Presentation Outline Online To Follow

Ardyss International is a fantastic network marketing company that originated in Mexico and have very quickly spread throughout the united states. Their innovative products like the Body Magic 2 Step System is unique to network marketing. Even in a very crowded field of health and wellness in the MLM opportunity arena, this business has carved out it’s niche and even introduced it’s own health drink to compete with the bigger players with Le Vive.

The traditional method to building a business in this company is to hold a showcase. Here is a Ardyss presentation outline to follow if you plan to build your business online. Showcases are well covered in the Ardyss back office so this article will not cover that type of material. This will mainly look into what you need to have and what to do.

First thing to do is to get a computer that can run some type of webinar software like gotomeeting. This will allow the ability to hold live meetings and scheduled webinars for your guests. Think of it as an online Ardyss showcase and can really brand your products and opportunity live anywhere in the world. The computer hardware needed should be anything sold in the last three to four years. This is nothing too complicated as it’s basically a host a live event and go with it.

The presentation material can be slides off of PowerPoint. This can be just the corporate presentation slides and it wouldn’t be much different than a hotel meeting. A good Ardyss presentation outline should consist of presenting the products, presenting why your opportunity, then best of all why joining your business specifically. First leading with benefits and not just about the company history will greatly increase the conversions. Remember, people don’t care about where the juice was made or the fact that the company has been in business a long time. People want their problems solved today. Go about solving your prospects issues before forcing why the Ardyss International opportunity.

Too many reps treat online cold traffic like their best friend. You must remember cold online traffic do not know you personally. There is no real connection.One must build a connection by giving real value instead of just pushing products or an opportunity. The is by far the best Ardyss presentation outline to be able to turn your traffic into leads and those leads into new members.

Photo Frames As Wedding Presents

A photo frame is a very adaptable gift which is why there is such a wide variety of them available, including personalised ones and engraved photo frames which can be given as wedding presents, birthday gifts or at more or less any other occasion.

A nice occasional photo frame can be an excellent wedding gift. Weddings are about memories, so giving a wedding photo frame means that those special “Kodak moments” captured during the day – be it at the reception, the wedding itself or the official photographs taken by hired professionals – can be enjoyed in a lovely presentation for years to come.

Since the proliferation of digital cameras, photographs are only rarely developed and printed off en masse, so presents such as photo albums are largely unneeded these days as they are simply uploaded online to social networking sites or photo sharing services such as Flickr and Facebook.

People still like to have pictures at home, however, and a wedding frame gift allows the happy couple to pick out their favourite shot of the big day to keep in pride of place on the mantelpiece and share with each other and their friends and family. Simply printing off a digital photograph and popping it into a generic frame simply does not do justice to the occasion, so a proper wedding themed photo frame makes the activity far more special.

A wedding gift with a photo from the big day is a meaningful and personal gift that can be treasured as a keepsake and displayed proudly for many years afterwards. Some places offer engraving or further personalisation services, or you can get autograph wedding frames to be signed by the bride and groom with their sentiments, or even for the guests to leave notes and congratulations messages on the event. You can also get engagement and even wedding anniversary frames which can make a lovely regular gift so the couple ends up with a beautiful themed gallery charting their relationship over the years!

Photo frames are very versatile as presents and can be given for almost any occasion, from weddings and engagements to birthdays, christenings and graduations. Don’t settle for just a frame, either; you can also get photo trinket boxes, themed gift albums and other photo gifts which can be themed and personalised to any special day or event. Even better, these presents are often inexpensive when compared to impersonal gifts like flowers or chocolates, as well as showing a far greater amount of thought and care in selecting the gift.