The Ardyss Presentation Outline Online To Follow

Ardyss International is a fantastic network marketing company that originated in Mexico and have very quickly spread throughout the united states. Their innovative products like the Body Magic 2 Step System is unique to network marketing. Even in a very crowded field of health and wellness in the MLM opportunity arena, this business has carved out it’s niche and even introduced it’s own health drink to compete with the bigger players with Le Vive.

The traditional method to building a business in this company is to hold a showcase. Here is a Ardyss presentation outline to follow if you plan to build your business online. Showcases are well covered in the Ardyss back office so this article will not cover that type of material. This will mainly look into what you need to have and what to do.

First thing to do is to get a computer that can run some type of webinar software like gotomeeting. This will allow the ability to hold live meetings and scheduled webinars for your guests. Think of it as an online Ardyss showcase and can really brand your products and opportunity live anywhere in the world. The computer hardware needed should be anything sold in the last three to four years. This is nothing too complicated as it’s basically a host a live event and go with it.

The presentation material can be slides off of PowerPoint. This can be just the corporate presentation slides and it wouldn’t be much different than a hotel meeting. A good Ardyss presentation outline should consist of presenting the products, presenting why your opportunity, then best of all why joining your business specifically. First leading with benefits and not just about the company history will greatly increase the conversions. Remember, people don’t care about where the juice was made or the fact that the company has been in business a long time. People want their problems solved today. Go about solving your prospects issues before forcing why the Ardyss International opportunity.

Too many reps treat online cold traffic like their best friend. You must remember cold online traffic do not know you personally. There is no real connection.One must build a connection by giving real value instead of just pushing products or an opportunity. The is by far the best Ardyss presentation outline to be able to turn your traffic into leads and those leads into new members.